Saturday, February 20, 2010



the first thing i found when i googled propagate, was artificial reproduction. soooo instantly my sick and twisted mind's wheels started turning at a feverish pace...

something that can reproduce artificially...

i like having fun with this, so i decided to go with something that CANT if it ever did - would ONLY be by artificial means!

SO i went with gummy bears since my daughter was chewing on i was originally going to do gummy bear with a gummy worm, or something else...but...then i thought about a gummy hamburger... everything just kinda fell into place after that and here you have it...

enjoy :)

ps- i would like to thank my mom who blackmailed my dad into driving into town to buy me a new bag of gummy bears to work from when the munchkin ate my models!


  1. Hahaha... not to say I didn't see it coming after that introduction, Michelle, but still - hilarious! I especially love Dr. Pepper - genius. I think yu might have the makings of a late-night cartoon show for Teletoon.... all you need to to do is...propagate the concept!

  2. OMG I love this!!! It's so creative and amazing! Keep the creative mind going, I can't wait to see what else you create :D

  3. OMG AHAH! You're so clever!
    That's so funny. Great idea! I actually didn't read the introduction first, so I didn't know exactly where you were going with it. But it's way awesome! ^-^

  4. lmao! this is hilarious!! Great illustrations too!